Buzz Tabs IWS to Revamp Web Site

Buzz recently tabbed Integrated Web Solutions to give his web site a complete redesign and overhaul.

"My web site has been great to me but it was time to give it a major facelifft and begin to plan for future updating." said Buzz. "I've known the IWS guys for a few years now and I've seen the care and effort they put into each of their comic industry sites. They love their craft as much as I love mine and that earned my respect and my business. I spoke with them about what I wanted and they did that and then added a number of things that made my life easier and made my site look and operate much much better. Integrated Web Solutions doesn't have as many clients in this indusry as they do by good fortune. They bust their butt to make each artist look their best."

"I'm always concerned when we work with artists who put as much detail into their work as Buzz does. The tight detail that appears in his work just simply can't be portrayed effectively as I would like on the web but we did everything we could to show his style and his compositions which is really incredible," said John Schwarberg, Creative Director of Integrated Web Solutions. "Anyone who gets a chance really must make the effort to see his work in person, the detail is amazing and we were honored that an artist of Buzz's calibur trusted us with creating his online presence."

The new web site includes images spanning Buzz's career as well as a number of commissions and sketches that can only be found on the site.

For more information or to purchase original artwork or commissions by Buzz, contact the artist directly.

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